I am an expert in online sales and the various platforms used to sale digitally or conversions on a website. Our main purpose is to increase the company’s presence and the knowledge and market of its product on online platforms.

I love learning new things and be a lifetime student of what I am doing. I am a web guy, handle mostly Shopify, WordPress, Custom websites, any web development project, Database, Administration, and Customer Support solutions.

Analytical skills – A successful online business strategy analyses web data and online traffic to increase sales and ROI. This includes analyzing website metrics, customer relationships, and competitor’s information.

Communication – A online business builds lifetime customer relationships. An eCommerce expert understands what marketing strategies will communicate best with an audience.

Critical thinking – E-commerce specialists don’t make decisions off on general ideas. Instead, they use data and research to identify the most effective online strategies.

For me making a business is like playing a great game. A start, middle and end. If you have an idea let’s share and make a strategy for it.